Welcome to MERLIN2’s documentation!

MERLIN 2 (MachinEd Ros pLanINg) is a cognitive architecture for robots based on ROS 2. It is aimed to be used to generate behaviors in robots using PDDL planners and state machines from YASMIN (Yet Another State MachINe) . PDDL can be manageg using KANT (Knowledge mAnagemeNT).


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   abstract = {Any service robot should be able to make decisions and schedule tasks to reach predefined goals such as opening a door or assisting users at home. However, these processes are not single short-term tasks anymore and it is required to set long-term skills for establishing a control architecture that allows robots to perform daily tasks. This paper presents MERLIN2, a hybrid cognitive architecture based on symbolic planning and state machine decision-making systems that allows performing robot behaviors. The architecture can run in any robot running ROS 2, the latest version of the Robot Operative System. MERLIN2 is available at https://github.com/MERLIN2-ARCH/merlin2.}
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